The TEN-T working group of the EUROCITIES network met in Tallinn on October 20, 2015. Rail Baltica, the mega project on the North Sea - Baltic core network corridor, was discussed from the local and transnational perspectives.

Mr. Jaak-Adam Looveer from the City of Tallinn gave a presentation of the city planning project of connecting the Tallinn airport and Rail Baltica. The project improves multimodal connections of the central area of Tallinn and connects the developing business region around the airport effectively to the city.

Malla Paajanen's presentation focused on Rail Baltica from the viewpoint of its successful Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) application and multi-level governance. Multi-level governance approach adds perspective to the project which consists of far more complicated stakeholder input than only those between the EU and three Member States concerned, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Cities and regions in the catchment area of Rail Baltica region have made significant supporting actions in various development and promotional projects.

Video news clip by Tallinn TV at " Liikuvusfoorumil räägiti ka Rail Balticast "

Video news clip by Tallinn TV at "Liikuvusfoorumil räägiti ka Rail Balticast"