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TEN-T Corridor Studies

In 2014, the nine TEN-T Core Network Corridors will go through the process of corridor studies which consist of comprehensive compilation of existing knowledge, analysis of the infrastructure, services and stakeholders.


The process for each Corridor will be led by the European Coordinator assisted by a team at the European Commission, DG MOVE.

The corridor studies will be carried out by selected service providers based on an international call for tenders which was launched in July 2013 and the results were announced in December 2013. Proximare was chosen to carry out the corridor study for the North Sea - Baltic Corridor.

Proximare includes the following members:

Triniti as project leader (EE), Malla Paajanen Consulting as project manager (FI), Norton Rose Fulbright (UK/BE), Goedappel Coffeng (NL), and IPG-Potsdam (DE).

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Baltic Sea Region Branding

The branding of the Baltic Sea Region is a comprehensive challenge on a supranational (or macro-regional) level. What makes supranational branding a trickier issue than any other place branding is the fact that no single country or organization, or any combination, has control or ownership to the region.

Antalya wall cropped_3.jpg

In supranational branding, the strategy that combines the bottom-up approach and comprehensive stakeholder cooperation has proven successful.

"Common or competing products? Towards supra-national branding in BaltMet Promo" by Marcus Andersson and Malla Paajanen.

Journal of Place Management and Development, Vol. 5 No. 1, 2012, pp. 56-69. Emerald Group Publishing Limited 1753-8335
DOI 10.1108/17538331211209040

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Project Management

The project idea is visioned into a project mission, elaborated into an action plan and initiated into a partnership of organizations and stakeholders.

In transnational projects the challenge is to create an idea and design its implementation in a way that is attractive to all key stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally.

We have expertise in building transnational development projects of up to 3,6 million euros.


Our track of successful international projects covers transport and logistics, supranational promotion in tourism, investment and talent attraction, and global university relations.

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