What we do

TEN-T Corridor Studies

The new Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) guidelines introduce nine Core Network Corridors. Contracted by the European Commission the Proximare consortium with Malla Paajanen Consulting as the project manager carried out the study for the North Sea – Baltic Corridor in 2014. Proximare is an international business consortium that consists of experts in the fields of multimodal transport planning and engineering, law and stakeholder relations.

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Place Branding

Our research expertise  covers tourism and economic geography, supranational place branding, international business and logistics. By participating in transnational research and development projects with members of academia and industry we can combine robust research methods and topical data.

In place branding we believe in the bottom-up approach that builds on the indigenous qualities of the place and the interaction between the local people, target audience and stakeholders. 

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Project Management

The triple helix method combines the viewpoints and expertise of the  public, private and research sectors. We not only believe in triple helix cooperation, we make it happen. By building alliances that represent all key stakeholders, we guarantee the rigour and relevance of the cooperation outcome.

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Latest news

Proximare, an international expert consortium that won the tender for the North Sea - Baltic Corridor Study, will start its work at the Kick-off conference organized by the European Commission, DG MOVE in Brussels in January 2014. The Kick-off conference will bring together all officials and experts that take part in the Corridor Studies on all nine TEN-T Core Network Corridors.

The North Sea - Baltic Corridor runs from Helsinki to Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas and Vilnius, Warsaw and Berlin to Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.

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The TEN-T Days were organized by the European Commission, DG MOVE in Tallinn (EE) in October 2013. As part of the program, the RB Express conference train operated by LG from Vilnius (LT) to Tallinn discussed the development scenario of the existing renovated 1520 mm gauge railway and planned 1435 mm European standard railway connection through the Baltic States.

The reconstruction works that have been carried out in the TEN-T Priority Project Nr 27 Rail Baltica in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with the existing 1520 mm gauge railways are now almost finalized. The railway line should be operationalized for international transport in 2015.

The negotiations among the Member States and the European Commission for the construction of the new 1435 mm European standard gauge railways from the LT/PL border up to Tallinn, have been intensive. The process, which entails strong political guidance, is expected to lead to a joint venture of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2014.

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Finland in the north-eastern corner of the European Union is often called metaphorically an island. Finland has high dependence on short sea shipping in international transport. The nine new trans-European Core Network Corridors will combine more efficiently all transport modes. A modern and fast land connection - provided by Via Baltica and Rail Baltic - to continental Europe will improve Finland's geographical position tremendously. Not until this phase has been reached the question of whether a railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn would become economically feasible one day will become a vision to be evaluated. 

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